International Asynchronous Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2020


This tournament is an annual event with four years of history. It all started when Sadale was bored right before the April Fools of 2015. The first event of this tournament was The International Asynchronous Rock Scissors Paper Competition. Unfortunately, due to lack of marketing and horrible user interface, we had only 23 players in the first event.

In the second year 2016, we try to reach out more players by making this event more like an international event. Similar to Olympic Games, we tried passing the host to different country in each year. With improved UI of the website, we managed to get 29 players! The event was hosted in Poland.

In the third year 2017, we've got a hoster from yet another country. Unfortunately, the hoster failed to setup the website on time. Therefore, the event was in hiatus.

In the fourth year 2018, the backend was were re-written with a microframework. A more human-friendly captcha were implemented. Sadale was the hoster of the event again. We managed to get 2 international supporting organizations for this year of the event. From this year on, we started issuing participation certificates to all of the participants of the event. There was 25 players.

To facilitate the setup of the website of this event, Sadale had dockerized the Flask webapp and released the source code. With the docker image, the event's website can be hosted by anyone easily!

Since 2019, the host had been passed to, which is an American organization. In addition, we managed to get 9 international supporting organizations for the event in 2019. In 2020, the number had grown to 14. Last year in 2019, we've got 219 players to join the event. We're looking forward to have even more players to join us this year!

Why Joining This Event?

Certificate of Participation will be issued to all of the participants! Did I mention that the logo of the organizer plus all of the 14 supporting organizations will be shown on the certificate? That's 15 logos in total! Anyone seeing all these logos stamped onto the certificate would be super impressed! Show it to your friends and they'll be super duper envious! Don't quote us on that, but perhaps having this certificate may possibly grant you immunity against the coronavirus! So why don't you join it for this awesome certificate? :)

Credits - Organizer of the event. Responsible for coordination and hosting the website of this year's event.
Bitcoin Knots - Supporting organization. A Bitcoin node software that's a derivative of Bitcoin Core with a collection of improvements.
Codercat - Supporting organization. Their website showcases the products developed by Kirill and Sneha. This organization had provided constructive feedback on the certificate design.
Dim Sum Labs - Supporting organization. First and the only hackerspace in Hong Kong that's open to anyone interested in hacking.
exezin - Supporting organization. A blog of low-level programming and game development. The website contains in-depth technical information.
G and B - Supporting organization. A cram school located in Shiki City of Japan that mainly focuses on teaching foreign languages.
Gildev - Supporting organization. Developer of various hardware products. A prospective successful entrepreneur.
Notchris - Supporting organization. The website of a professional web developer.
Sadale - Supporting organization, past organizer and web developer. The website contains blogposts about working with electronics, programming, music and more.
s-found - Supporting organization. An online block-based programming engine that's capable for converting graphical blocks to Javascript developed by amigojapan. A useful tool for teaching kids programming. A potential competitor of Scratch.
Silent Silas - Supporting organization. Writer of code and poetry. Over 70 original poems are available on the website of this organization.
spoonm - Supporting Organization. A personal website having a blog, bbZero’s latest build and other content that the author's interested in.
The Forgotten Lair - Supporting Organization. An anime graphic and resource website created and maintained by Phoenix. - Supporting organization. A temporary file hosting website with a maximum size of 512MB. Browser extension capable for uploading files to this website is available for Google Chrome and Firefox.
##anime on Freenode - Supporting organization. A casual IRC channel that's not quite about anime.
Anyone is welcomed to host or to become a supporting organization of the next event! Please hit our event coordinator up with rps at sadale dot net